Optimal Health4Life

Sustainable long-term results

ResultsAt Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia, all of our physiotherapists ensures you receive an exceptional delivery of care. Our physiotherapist will work with you to create your own personalised Optimal Health4Life recovery plan to achieve your desired goals and recovery through our 4 stage process. Whether it's for fitness, rehabilitation, performance or lifestyle, our structured approach will measure progress and monitor your results every step of the way to ensure sustainable and long-term results. Our exclusive Optimal Health4Life plan will also increase your knowledge with the necessary tools and techniques to self-progress outside the consulting room for sustained results. This clinical approach has been developed for you to ensure your recovery is achievable.

Understanding your PCF and SCF

Primary/Secondary Contributing FactorsLet our specialised physiotherapist assess, manage, treat and find your PCF and SCFs today! PCF (Primary Contributing Factor) is the main problematic point in your body that is aggravating your condition. You will be surprised where your PCF may come from. At times clients coming in for lower back pain recover dramatically by treating their foot alignment and nothing else! This identifies that their lower back pain is a direct result of poor feet alignment. SCF (Secondary Contributing Factor) are other secondary problematic points in your body which are also associated with your condition. For example, although your PCF for your lower back pain may be due to your foot mal-alignment, you may still have SCFs such as unstable spinal joints or nerve irritation which are a result of your PCF. Your physiotherapist will identify and look after both your PCF and SCFs.

Optimal Health4Life

health4life4 stage process Stage 1: Assessment Phase. This encompasses the assessment, diagnosis and finding your PCF (Primary Contributing Factor). Stage 2: Treatment Phase. This encompasses the treatment of your PCF and SCFs (Primary and Secondary Contributing Factors). Stage 3: Rehabilitation Phase. This ensures that you and your physiotherapist stay on top of your PCF and SCFs with the necessary treatment and a tailored exercise plan. Stage 4: Prevention Phase: Injury prevention and maintenance phase
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