Clinical Pilates

Tailored, Clinical, Enhancing, and Fun

There is no Pilates like Clinical Pilates at Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia You may have tried regular Pilates before without gaining the true benefits instilled for your own individual needs, goals, and condition. Like physiotherapy treatment, your treatment will be unique and different from others with the same condition. That is why we wouldn't see 20 clients at the same time and perform the same standard physiotherapy treatment. The same goes for Clinical Pilates, you are different to other people with certain conditions and different needs. That is why our physiotherapists will assess your condition and body, and show you the exact set of Pilates exercisers your body actually requires with the right techniques. Whether you are male or female, it's clinical and tailored which means you are one step closer to achieving your goals, needs and recovery. Clinical pilates

Clinical Pilates with a Physiotherapist

Nobody knows the needs of your body better than a physiotherapist. Clinical Pilates is a highly tailored and individualised form of exercise rehabilitation practiced by physiotherapists. At Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia, your physiotherapist will examine the alignment of your posture, and the needs your body requires to keep your muscle, joint and postural alignment in its optimal position so your body can function in its healthiest state. Combining Clinical Pilates with your physiotherapist will ensure a direct focus on your rehabilitation and prevention of injuries through a series of specific Pilates exercises based on a detailed physiotherapy assessment. These custom exercisers target problematic areas ensuring greater recovery, and minimising the risk of injury flare-ups. Clinical pilates with physiotherapist

Will I benefit from Clinical Pilates?

Everyone can benefit from Clinical Pilates. Whether you have headaches, postural issues from using the computer, low back pain, knee surgery, shoulder pain, almost all conditions will highly benefit from Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates is designed to help specific areas of your body to:
  • Correct postural issues
  • Help reduce pain caused by your joints, muscular or neural issues in your body
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Lengthen muscles
  • Mobilise and stabilise specific problematic joints in your body
In essence there's no other exercise better for your body than specific Pilates exercises that your body requires for your rehabilitation! Whatever age you are, whether you are female of male, whether you are an elite athlete or someone who has never exercised before, Clinical Pilates will suite anyone no matter what condition or level you are. Clinical pilates with physiotherapist
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